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What I Do

Entrepreneurial Guidance

Providing personalized guidance and steadfast support, I assist entrepreneurs in navigating their journey in business. Through a blend of practical wisdom and invaluable insights, entrepreneurs are empowered to conquer challenges and transform their business aspirations into reality.

Intuitive Tech Transformation

Guiding tech alignment with intuitive insights. Discover apps that resonate with your essence. Streamline digital clutter while creating harmony in your online presence. Embrace technology and digital landscapes with ease. Redefine your business journey by seamlessly integrating intuition and technology.

Empowerment Coaching

Helping entrepreneurs rediscover their true self, overcome fear, and unleash their full potential. Through coaching and mentoring, I offer guidance, support, and tools tailored to their specific needs, enabling them to thrive and achieve their goals with confidence.

Transformation & Energetic Healing

Facilitating transformation and energetic healing through various modalities such as Theta Healing®, guided meditations, energy clearing, and intuitive guidance, helping individuals release shame, overcome overwhelm, and transform rejection into resilience.

Sarah Sunshine Garrison

Hi! I’m Sarah Sunshine Garrison, an intuitive business healer passionate about guiding entrepreneurs to their full potential. With over two decades of business experience, I blend intuitive wisdom with practical acumen for holistic empowerment.

My focus is on aligning intuition, business integration, and personal growth. I help you navigate the complex interplay of technology and your unique journey, eliminating chaos and disorganization from your business.

Certified in ThetaHealing® and well-versed in Human Design, I use these tools to facilitate transformative personal and professional growth. We’ll craft a clear path by shedding limiting beliefs, amplifying creativity, and refining your online presence.

Beyond business, I find solace in nature, exploring local waters, scenic drives, and nurturing my farm. I’m here to help you transition to the next phase in your business, seamlessly integrating your personal journey for lasting positive transformation.

If you’re ready for transformative change and to propel your business forward, let’s connect and make a profound difference together.