Unleash your inner power and unlock spiritual strength for personal and professional growth.

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Sarah and Haley fearlessly dive into the depths of challenging topics that have the power to ignite personal growth and propel business success. With unwavering honesty and a passion for authenticity, they embark on a shared mission to explore the path to personal alignment and uncover fresh strategies that amplify professional development.

No topic is off-limits as they fearlessly delve into the complexities of relationships, mindset shifts, self-belief, purpose-driven entrepreneurship, and much more. You will discover new ways to overcome challenges, break free from limitations, and tap into your inner reservoirs of strength, resilience, and creativity.

Embrace the opportunity to align yourself with your true purpose, values, and aspirations. As you journey alongside these inspirational guides, you will gain the clarity, confidence, and courage to take meaningful action towards your goals and dreams. The insights shared in each episode will empower you to navigate obstacles, embrace change, and embrace the full spectrum of your human potential.

Align 2 Amplify

Your go-to podcast for insightful discussions that bring clarity and amplify your effectiveness in both business and life. Join us weekly as we dive deep into enlightening topics that help you find your fulfilling pathway, refine intentions, and develop powerful communication channels to promote your business.

With a diverse range of subjects, from traditional business branding to innovative spiritual growth techniques, our podcast covers it all. Sarah and Haley, combining their expertise, guide you in harnessing spiritual strength to establish a solid foundation for your business.

Prepare for compelling conversations that explore social, political, scientific, religious, and taboo topics, as we fearlessly delve into thought-provoking discussions. Join us on this exciting learning and growth journey, and if you’d like to be a guest on our podcast, reach out to us! Tune in, expand your knowledge, and let’s align ourselves for amplified success.

Sarah Garrison

Intuitive Business Healer

Sarah’s captivating presence draws listeners into engaging conversations, enriched by her insightful perspectives. As a supportive host, she fosters a comfortable environment for guests to freely share expertise. Her passion for learning shines as she explores a wide range of topics. With Sarah at the helm, the podcast offers an enlightening journey of self-discovery. Her expertise in guiding women through life changes brings valuable insights, challenging traditional mindsets for financial success and personal fulfillment. Together with Haley, they investigate topics for a fulfilling life, fostering relationships, income growth, and direction. Get ready to be inspired as Sarah leads to a brighter future.

Haley Lewis

Brand Accelerator

Haley, a naturally inquisitive host, fearlessly asks the questions that others hesitate to voice. Her humor lightens even the most intense discussions, and she’s unafraid to laugh at herself. Through insightful conversations, she and Sarah shed light on topics that amplify brand messages and increase visibility in a chaotic landscape. Guests feel at ease sharing their thoughts and expertise, as Haley’s penchant for challenging theories and playing devil’s advocate takes conversations to new depths. With an open mind, she eagerly learns from others, exploring any topic without boundaries.

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Sarah Sunshine Garrison

Sarah Sunshine Garrison is an intuitive business healer dedicated to empowering entrepreneurial women and facilitating transformative change in their lives. With a wealth of experience in business operations and strategic marketing spanning over two decades, Sarah combines her practical expertise with intuitive wisdom to support her clients on their journeys to success.

Certified in Basic DNA ThetaHealing® and skilled in Human Design reading, Sarah utilizes her spiritual gifts to guide individuals towards their fullest potential. Through ThetaHealing®, she helps clients release blockages, heal at a deep level, and create positive change by tapping into the power of energy and belief systems. Additionally, Sarah offers Human Design readings to assist clients in understanding their unique energetic blueprints and aligning with their authentic selves. With her practical tools, strategic guidance, and intuitive insights, Sarah empowers her clients to overcome challenges, embrace their true power, and unleash their full potential.

Outside of her work, Sarah finds solace in nature, enjoying activities like paddle boarding and exploring picturesque drives with her husband. Her compassionate nature and commitment to empowering others make her a trusted ally on the path to personal and professional growth. Connect with Sarah today and embark on a transformative journey towards lasting impact, financial abundance, and unshakable confidence.