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Reclaim your unique identity, unleash your full potential, and achieve remarkable success with Sarah Garrison, an Intuitive Business Healer. 

Sarah Sunshine Garrison

Sarah Garrison is dedicated to empowering entrepreneurial women change makers to break free from overwhelm, conquer fear, and unlock their boundless productivity potential in both business and life. With her guidance, clients are able to step into their true power and make a profound impact on the world.

Drawing from over 20 years of experience leading business operations and strategic marketing, Sarah possesses a unique blend of intuitive wisdom and practical business acumen. As a masterful speaker, coach, and advocate, she provides unwavering support on her clients’ transformative journeys. Sarah is a Certified Basic DNA ThetaHealer® and Human Design reader, utilizing her spiritual gifts to guide her clients towards their greatest potential. 

Driven by her passion for empowering entrepreneurial women change makers, Sarah helps her clients release overwhelm, conquer fear, and tap into their innate productivity. Her approach combines practical tools, strategic guidance, and intuitive insights to facilitate profound personal and professional growth. By embracing their true power and unleashing their productivity potential, her clients can create lasting impact, experience financial abundance, and live with unshakable confidence.

When Sarah is not igniting transformation in her clients’ lives, she finds solace in immersing herself in nature, paddle boarding at local lakes and rivers, embarking on picturesque drives with her husband, and tending to the critters on her farm.

Sarah Garrison is a catalyst for transformation, dedicated to empowering entrepreneurial women to embrace their limitless potential and create a profound impact on the world. With a deep understanding of the unique challenges they face, Sarah guides women on their journey to break free from limitations and forge lasting change.

 Through her transformative mentorship, Sarah helps women navigate complex emotions like self-doubt, societal expectations, and a lack of support. She provides a nurturing and empowering environment for self-discovery, enabling women to rebuild their self-worth, embrace authenticity, and integrate powerful productivity strategies into their lives.

 Sarah equips women with practical tools to release self-blame, boost confidence, and find clarity amidst overwhelming circumstances. By confidently prioritizing what truly matters, women reconnect with their inner voice, make aligned decisions, and experience exponential personal growth.

 Under Sarah’s guidance, rejection becomes an opportunity for resilience and growth. Overwhelm no longer hinders progress but becomes a catalyst for productivity and success. Through her mentorship, women unlock their true potential, reclaim their power, and embrace their unique voices, resulting in a profoundly purposeful and fulfilling life.

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One on One Coaching

Using intuitive processes, together we review your current trajectory to see what strategies you need better suit you and your thought process. In these sessions we dig deep into what is blocking you and remove the roadblocks from your path. 

Basic Human Design Readings

This is the ultimate personality test based on your birth information. This basic reading goes over your type, profile and authority and is an introductory to Human Design