Sarah Sunshine Garrison

Intuitive Business Healer, Certified ThetaHealer®, Business Strategist

Beyond my professional endeavors, I draw inspiration from nature, local waters, scenic drives, and tending to my farm. These elements contribute to my holistic approach to business transformation, where personal and professional growth integrate seamlessly.

I’m also a fearless explorer of challenging topics. Hosting a podcast with my co-host, we delve into the complexities of relationships, mindset shifts, self-belief, and purpose-driven entrepreneurship. My unwavering honesty and passion for authenticity serve as a guiding light for those seeking to overcome obstacles and tap into their inner reservoirs of strength and creativity.

Whether you’re aiming to align your business with your true purpose or embarking on a journey of transformative personal and professional growth, I offer tailored solutions. From group coaching programs to personalized healing sessions, I guide ambitious entrepreneurs towards extraordinary success, unlocking their full potential and propelling them towards a thriving and aligned future.

Connect with me today and step into the realm of intuitive business mastery, where possibilities are boundless, and growth is holistic.

Hi! I’m Sarah Sunshine Garrison, a seasoned business professional with over two decades of experience guiding entrepreneurs towards their full potential. As a Certified ThetaHealer and Online Business Manager, I blend practical acumen with intuitive wisdom to create a holistic approach to business empowerment.

Throughout my journey, I’ve played a pivotal role in transforming businesses. I’ve assisted entrepreneurs in launching innovative products and orchestrating seamless transitions to larger spaces. My expertise extends to streamlining operations, reorganizing businesses, and decluttering digital landscapes for enhanced efficiency.

Being certified in Basic DNA ThetaHealing reflects my passion for personal transformation. Through this transformative modality, I help entrepreneurs release limiting beliefs that hinder progress and success. My deep understanding of Human Design adds a unique layer to my approach, providing clients with profound insights into their individual wiring and strengths.

My coaching and healing approach is all about personalization, aligning with my commitment to individualized growth. I’m dedicated to crafting a clear path for my clients by addressing their unique needs, dismantling limiting beliefs, and amplifying creativity. The system I’ve developed over years of experience is carefully molded to fit the specific goals and aspirations of each entrepreneur.

What I Do

Entrepreneurial Guidance

Providing personalized guidance and steadfast support, I assist entrepreneurs in navigating their journey in business. Through a blend of practical wisdom and invaluable insights, entrepreneurs are empowered to conquer challenges and transform their business aspirations into reality.

Intuitive Tech Transformation

Guiding tech alignment with intuitive insights. Discover apps that resonate with your essence. Streamline digital clutter while creating harmony in your online presence. Embrace technology and digital landscapes with ease. Redefine your business journey by seamlessly integrating intuition and technology.

Empowerment Coaching

Helping entrepreneurs rediscover their true self, overcome fear, and unleash their full potential. Through coaching and mentoring, I offer guidance, support, and tools tailored to their specific needs, enabling them to thrive and achieve their goals with confidence.

Transformation & Energetic Healing

Facilitating transformation and energetic healing through various modalities such as Theta Healing®, guided meditations, energy clearing, and intuitive guidance, helping individuals release shame, overcome overwhelm, and transform rejection into resilience.

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